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The Purpose of the Experiment Was To Run 100 Maps Starting at Tier 1 - PoE

The experiment was conducted in Bestiary Softcore. In order to simulate a SSF playthrough, maps were not purchased from other players to fill gaps or speed progression to higher tiers. Chaos orbs were tracked via spreadsheet, although notes were kept for various things like Divine orbs. Map conditions like abyss, breaches, essensses or Beyond mod were not tracked due to randomness. 


100 maps completed, 58% map completion bonus.

Average tier of maps run: 4.62

Average Map IIQ: 37.97

Average Map IIR: 23.80

Average Map Pack Size: 14.28

Character's Magic Find: 19% for most of the maps

Map Sustaining:

Maps looted equal to or greater than tier of map being run was a total of 80. Maps looted that were lower tier than what was being run were not counted. After around tier 4, map sustain for lower tier maps was not an issue in most cases. See below for notes. In order to get some maps of tier 6+, I used the vendor recipe to convert lower tier maps.

Unique Items:

A total of 45 unique items were looted. Nothing of real value, unfortunately. Most unique items were sold via poe.trade for 1 Alchemy or Jeweler's orb.

Currency: A total of 30 Chaos orbs were looted

A total of 29 Chaos orbs were received via the chaos recipe.

A total of 3 Chaos orbs were received from trading rare items via poe.trade.

A total of 21 Alchemy orbs were received from trading unique and rare items via poe.trade.

A total of 13 Jeweler's orbs were received from trading unique and rare items via poe.trade.

A total of one Regal, two Blessed and two Divine orbs dropped.

Total of 62 Chaos, plus approximately 13 more Chaos from estimated value of Alchemy, Jewelers, Regal and Blessed orbs, and approximately 28 Chaos from the two Divine orbs.

Grand total of approximately 103 Chaos orbs.

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