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Lost Ark: Deskaluda Guardian Raid Guide

The Lost Ark May update brought a ton of new content for high-level players, including a brand new and scary Guardian raid. Next to the infamous Velganos is Descaluda, an aviary created. While not as elaborate as Velganos, but still has some tricks up its sleeve that you should look out for when challenging it.



To fight Velganos, you need to have item level 1415 or higher. This is the first Guardian raid to drop tier 3 relic level ability Lost Ark gems and accessories, so it's essential to farm it every day if you have the chance. You don't need to bring many items here other than the regular potions, but you might want to consider destruction bombs for a secondary destruction mechanic later in the fight.



The key to fighting Descaluda is mastering the mechanics of Counter. When Descaluda flashes blue, you will be allowed to counter the boss, incapacitating him for a significant amount of time. Descaluda has a lot of different countermoves, so use this boss to practice your counterattack skills (essential for the Valtan boss fight).




Mechanics of the laser beam


Descaluda has a notable move where he stays still before summoning multiple shards around him. These shards will target players and then freeze for a moment and fire a laser beam. You'll be stunned by anyone who is hit by 1 of these beams except if you dodge the move. You can tell when to dodge an activity if you stay mobile. Eventually, the shard will stop moving, which means it has fixed the place where it will fire. Use this time to dodge the line of fire.



Sometimes Descaluda will summon portals around her body. These portals will be either green or white. To dodge this move, walk up to one of the white portals to avoid the laser beam attack.



Cell mechanics

Descaluda will fly into the air in this mechanic and create a cage around the players, forcing them together. The two players are marked with X's, crossed by two long lines. Other players who are not tagged should stay away from the lanes to avoid the AoE attack. After preventing this attack, Descaluda will dash down in a large AoE that all players must dodge. It is recommended that tagged players standstill to make it easier for others to dodge the AoE attack.



Descaluda runs away


Descaluda will create her afterimages, attacking players from all directions. After a few dashes, the real Descaluda materializes in front of one random player, lunges at them, and runs away. Once the real Descaluda attacks the player, you can counter the boss and prevent him from escaping to another location on the map.


An easy technique to handle this mechanic has always pinged your teammates during a similar place. If everyone gathers together, Descaluda will always appear to confront him where everyone is within reach. After defeating the boss, you have a wide window to attack and deal damage.



Rotation Mechanics


Descaluda summons three large AoE circles that can be dodged by standing in the marked spot above (between the two circles that spawn next). If these attacks hit you, you will be knocked up and unable to recover for a short time, reducing your damage potential. You can tank CC from this ability using any immune push skill.



Weak point mechanics

Eventually, Descaluda will start taking damage from weak spots. You must deal enough damage to weak spots in time. If you don't take out Descalud's weak point in time, he will fly into the air and attack your team with a flurry of attacks. You also cannot stop Descaluda from escaping in the Escape mechanic.


Deskaluda is easier than Night Fox Yoho and significantly more accessible than Velganos, so get the hang of this mechanic and make Deskaluda your main character. Farm point Guardian Raid.


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