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How the Hell Do People Make Path of Exile Currency

I always see people talking about making like 100-300c an hour playing efficiently. I understand that I'm probably not playing super efficiently, but I alch my maps, chain run maps and try not to spend much time IDing or looking anything up and I'm not even close too that.

How the hell do people make currency?

When people say things like that they're almost always taking map drops into account and not including any time it takes to sell ANYTHING that drops, it's just assumed it'll all get sold and is eventually worth 200-300c/hr.

Personally I make a lot of currency endgame boss farming in hc leagues, which is hard to put into currency/hour but it's almost always positive and usually VERY positive so I don't complain. Realistically don't worry about it, most people are also just talking out of their ass and in real quick usable currency return the amount is MUCH lower than even 200c.

It really comes from totalling gains over a relatively long duration. Look at the following examples:

You're running burial chambers. A base map provides 2c average net income, you run 30 maps per hour for a total of 60c/hour income. However you find a doctor card worth 8ex every 400 maps, bringing your average income from 60c/hr to 108c/hr.

You're running guardian maps. Each map costs 30c. Each map drops a fragment worth 26c. You see an income from random/currency drops of 2c/map. There's an 80% chance you'll get a map drop worth 30. Each map takes 4 minutes to run. This works out to an income of 330c/hr.

You're flipping currency. You make a 5% profit on every trade. You trade four times per minute. Your average trade volume is 10c. This works out to an income of 120c/hr. For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can poe buy currency cheap.