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  • The Purpose of the Experiment Was To Run 100 Maps Starting at Tier 1 - PoE [04/21/2018]
    The experiment was conducted in Bestiary Softcore. In order to simulate a SSF playthrough, maps were not purchased from other players to fill gaps or speed progression to higher tiers.
  • How To Make PoE Feel Smooth and Upping the Mechanical Skill Ceiling? [04/16/2018]
    GGG is able to keep me interested with great communication, game updates, and a core system that is pretty good.
  • Many Ways To Earn PoE Currency In Path Of Exile [04/11/2018]
    Path of Exile is a third-person action RPG with an isometric camera. The game, in pure Diablo style, will allow you to tackle the campaign mode alone or with a group of friends. The game bases all its success on the wide possibility of modeling the character.
  • Final Fantasy XIV Free Login Campaign Is Effective For 4 Days [04/10/2018]
    Playing a sub-based online game certainly makes one's own problems for customers with thin pockets. This time, Square Enix held a Free Login Campaign for their most popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Path of Exile Has A Free Battle Royale Mode [04/05/2018]
    Path of Exile has a free Battle Royale mode. This is of course an April Fool - nevertheless, there is the update really and also the mode is playable.
  • Final Fantasy XIV GO Had No Confirmed Release Date [04/03/2018]
    Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV GO, a new application for smartphones and tablets that will allow players to collect game materials in real life!
  • Improve Your Skills With Abundant Path Of Exile Currency [03/31/2018]
    Buying PoE currency is an important part in playing Path of Exile. You are in need of PoE currency to improve your skills or speed up your level. Before you purchase PoE currency, I think you may worry that where can I buy the PoE currency for safe and fast?
  • Next Final Fantasy XIV 96 Hours Free Login Started [03/28/2018]
    With the Patch 4.2 series, many new content came to Final Fantasy XIV and Square Enix has a concern that anyone can play it. Therefore, starting yesterday, March 27th at 1pm through Wednesday, May 6th, 4:59 pm, a 96 hour free loggin action will launch in Final Fantasy XIV.
  • POE: Grinding Gear Games Tackles A Number Of Questions [03/27/2018]
    Path Of Exile puts players in the role of a recent exile from the city of Oriath. As one of several exiles, Path of Exile's take on classes, you'll find yourself shipwrecked on an island and must fight your way back to the city to dish out vengeance. Grinding Gear Games tackles a number of questions across a variety of topics including the return of the build of the week. GGG, the company has spent the past four years updating the online world of Path of Exile, which is currently played by millions of people worldwide. Are you aware of buying poe items for trade?
  • Path Of Exile Is A Multiplayer Action-RPG [03/26/2018]
    Path of Exile, a dark RPG designed for online gameplay, set in the fantasy world, he just scored the 5th spring in his account. Exactly October 23, 2013, the game hit the market and immediately gained a loyal and numerous group of fans.
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